Central Lonsdale Specialists

The REALTORS® of Central Lonsdale’s Elite Real Estate agents have experience you can trust.



Take your real estate transactions to the next level. Elio Central Lonsdale’s REALTORS® have a proven track record and an intimate knowledge of the area. Their hard work, integrity, honesty, and expertise make it easy to find your perfect home in Central Lonsdale.

Our REALTORS® understand the nuances of living on the North Shore. Central Lonsdale is sandwiched between Upper and Lower Lonsdale. Its location makes it a hub for civic administration, arts and culture, and dining.

Although Central Lonsdale is on the North Shore, quick highway access and the SeaBus make commuting downtown easy. But locals don’t just live here because of that. They live here because of the unique character of the neighbourhood, one that’s home to locally owned boutiques and restaurants. From the Gordon Smith Gallery of Art to the Centennial Theatre, Central Lonsdale is a cultural centre, a fact that reflects its history as one of Greater Vancouver’s best places to live.